ANSO Annual General Meeting 2012 Press Release

18 08 2012

MEDIA RELEASE, August 17th 2012

For immediate release

On August 13th, 2012, ANSO (Association of Nordic and Pol – Balt LGBTQ Student
Organizations) had its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

ANSO AGM 2012 took place on August 13th 2012 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The meeting
was attended by delegates and observers from member organizations including: Ovi,
Homoglobiini and Queer Aalto (Finland), LGL – Lithuanian Gay Youth (Lithuania),
Q (Iceland), BLUS (Denmark), SFQ – Sveriges Förenade HBTQ-studenter (Sweden),
Skeive Studenter (Norway), Trans-Fuzja and KPH – Campaign Against Homophobia
(Poland) and Estonian LGBT Association (Estonia).

The Agenda of the AGM consisted of approving the 2011 Activity Report, the 2011
Fiscal Report and electing a new board for the organization.

The elections resulted in the formation of a new board. The Presidium now consists of
Pat Kulka (president), Gudmundur Larus Gudmundsson (vice-president), Agata Chaber
(treasurer), and Vyacheslav Melnyk (secretary). The Nordic region is represented by
Seela Salakka (Homoglobiini) and Thomas Riis Jensen (BLUS), the Pol-Balt region is
represented by Annika Laas (Estonian LGBT Association) and Ing Stanke (LGL), and the
independent board member is Irina Dimitriade.

“We see ANSO as one big queer family, that’s why during this mandate we’d like to
focus even more on strengthening the bonds with our 13 Member Organizations (i.a. via
developing volunteering system within ANSO structures) and on reaching out to all the
other LGBTQ youth organizations from the entire Nordic and Pol-Balt region. I have no
doubt that it will be another amazing and successful year for our organization!” said Pat
Kulka, the re-elected ANSO president.

ANSO AGM 2012 took place right after “The Queer Angle: A Look at the Queer
Society” conference, where 30 participants from 11 countries gathered to work on
projects regarding queer issues in higher education. The conference was funded by the
Youth in Action Program of the European Union.

For more information please contact:
Pat Kulka (email: