ANSO´s Hate speech toolkit

27 03 2013

The weekend of 11th-13th of january 2013 the board members of ANSO met up in Warsaw, Poland, the agenda of the meeting was to make and build a Toolkit on combating LGBTQ directed hate speech on-line.

The board members of ANSO came from the nordic and pol-baltic region, Pat Kulka, Agata Chaber ,Vyacheslav Melnyk from Poland, Gudmundur Larus Gudmundsson from Iceland, Seela Salakka from Finland ,Thomas Riis Jensen from Danmark, Annika Laas from Estonia, Ing Stanke from Lithuania and Irina Dimitriade from Romania.

In the society today social media is a powerfull weapon to use for your advangede and to gain knowlegde, but sadly social media can also be misused for negative impact and there in comes LGBTQ on-line hate speech.

We at ANSO wanted to do something powerfull and make an impact on tearing down hate speech on-line, so we came up with the idea of making a toolkit on combating LGBTQ directed against hate speech on-line. The board feels  that people can use our toolkit to gain knowledge on LGBTQ hate speech and also learn how to make an inpact on stoping on-line hate speech. The board members of ANSO  are satisfied with the outcome and we hope that activists can use our toolkit to their advantage to stop on-line hate speech against LGBTQ prejudice.

The meeting was funded  by Counci of europe.

Here is the link to the toolkit

ANSO´s Hate speech toolkit


For more information please contact:
ANSO (email:




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