ANSO Annual Conference 2011 “Loud and Visible: Queering Up the Media”

1 08 2011

ANSO, Association of Nordic and Pol-Balt Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Student Organizations, would like to invite you to an annual conference called Loud and Visible: Queering Up the Media, with the aim of creating knowledge and tools to develop skills in media, social inclusion and visibility of LGBTQ issues. It will be held in Stockholm, 1st – 8th October, 2011, hosted by SFQ – the Swedish Federation of LGBTQ Student Organizations.

During the event young LGBTQ activists will be trained to use technology to capture their own experiences and social realities, as well as the opinions and ideas, in a variety of multimedia forms. The six days long training will have a direct practical output: the publication of the work done throughout the week on a new online portal, Loud And Visible, will generate a living resource for activists, sharing newly gained good practices, multimedia techniques, and social media strategies on an international level. The training will be based on strategies used in “10 Tactics: How to Turn Information into Practice”, which is a very powerful tool for human rights activists. Participants will be able to put the Tactics into practice during the training and potentially adapt them to their own cultural and political contexts after coming home. 

The call can be found here.

The conference is ope to all ANSO member organizations.

It is sponsored by the European Commission’s Program Youth in Action




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