ANSO 2010 Annual General Meeting

2 08 2010

MEDIA RELEASE July 26th 2010

For immediate release

On July 23rd, 2010, ANSO (Association of Nordic and Pol – Balt LGBTQ Student Organizations) had its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

ANSO AGM 2010 took place on July 23rd 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The meeting was attended by delegates and observers from member organizations such as: BLUS (Denmark), OVI ry (Finland), Homoglobiini (Finland), Telehpy (Finland), Estonian Gay Youth (Estonia), Lithuanian Gay League (Lithuania), Tolerant Youth Association (Lithuania), Campaign Against Homophobia (Poland), Trans-Fuzja (Poland), Q (Iceland), UgleZ (Norway), SFQ (Sweden), and independent observers.

The Agenda of the AGM consisted of approving new member organizations, approving the 2009 Annual Report, the 2010 Activity Report, the 2009 Fiscal Report and electing a new board for the organization.

The ANSO AGM approved two new member organizations: Trans-Fuzja from Poland, who plays a major role in educating students on transgender issues and providing help for transgender students that feel their rights are not respected; Opiskelijavinokkaat Ovi ry, who works as a peer group and a supporting network for LGBTQ students in Finland, working in favor of the human rights of such individuals.

The elections resulted in the formation of a new board. The Presidium now consists of Micah Grzywnowicz (president), Fej Ganebo Skantz (vice-president), Pat Kulka (treasurer) and Irina Dimitriade (secretary). Scandinavia is represented by Maret Ney and Roh Petas, the Pol-Balt region is represented by Wiktor Dynarski and Justinas Suliokas, the representatives of the Vest-Norden region are Guðmundur Smari Veigarsson and Jón Kjartan Ágústsson, and the independent members are Janika Saul and Laurynas Pliuškys.

“It is great to see ANSO growing year after year, developing from all of its events and from the continuous input of its member organizations. I am really excited to see the 2010/2011 ANSO board with so many new faces and new energy, for which I have no doubt this will be another very successful year for our organization,” said Micah Grzywnowicz, the re-elected ANSO president.

ANSO AGM 2010 was part of the School of Diversity conference organized by BLUS between July 18th and July 25th. 60 participants from eight countries gathered to work on projects regarding the process of including diversity in higher education. The conference took place at Kastanievej Efterskole in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more information please contact:
Irina Dimitriade
tel: +31616677311




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