ANSO Annual Conference: School of Diversity, 18 – 25 July

14 06 2010

ANSO Annual Conference powered by BLUS!

Every summer these 11 organizations come together for a week long conference to discuss issues that are relevant for us as LGBTQ students. This summer BLUS will host the conference.

The conference is an international conference with 60 participants from eight different countries. The whole shebang will take place in July 18-25. For a week we will be living at Kastanievej Efterskole in Frederiksberg. The theme of the conference is ‘School of Diversity’. Today many institutions of higher education are realising the benefits of having a diverse  staff and student body. Therefore it is important for us as members of LGBTQ student organizations to be able to influence the process of working towards an inclusion of diversity. What does diversity mean for us and how do we, who represent LGBTQ issues, get the best out of this development? We will have discussions, lectures, workshops and loads of social activity. An ANSO conference is a great way to meet LGBTQ people from other countries.

Participation in the conference is free. All participants will be living at the venue for the week and food will be supplied. BLUS will pay 70% of travel costs. If you have any questions or if you want to help with the planning of the conference please contact Ellen at

And for more info, go to:

Join our week full of Diversity and Revolution!!




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