Students kissing against Lithuanian homophobia

26 11 2009

Press release 2009.11.26

Students kissing against Lithuanian homophobia

On Thursday 26th of November a group of LGBTQ activists will be kissing against the Lithuanian government and their homophobic legislation through a public kiss-in in front of the parliament.

The public kissing is organized as a demonstration against the state homophobia which is violating the human rights of LGBTQ people in Lithuania. The event was organized by ANSO – Association of Nordic and Pol-Balt LGBTQ Student Organizations, in cooperation with Lithuanian LGBTQ activists.

“Lithuania has long been known as one of the most homophobic and biphobic countries in Europe but the situation will get dramatically worse when the new legislation for The Law on the Protection of Minors against Detrimental Effect of Public Information comes into effect in March 2010” says Madle Saluveer, board member of ANSO and vice president of EGN, the Estonian member organization of ANSO.

ANSO is this week organizing a 4 days long conference on LGBTQ issues in Vilnius to shed light on the Lithuanian situation and to show international support to local LGBTQ activists. ANSO is very concerned about the human rights situation in Lithuania and by organizing an event in Vilnius the organization hopes to draw attention to the homophobia and discrimination that LGBTQ people face with this new legislation.

“With this demonstration we hope to attract the attention of our national governments to put pressure on their Lithuanian colleagues to reverse this legislation and protect the human rights of all people” explains vice president of ANSO, Ann Kristin Fagerlund.


ANSO – Association of Nordic and POl-Balt LGBTQ Student Organizations is an organization working for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Queer students in the Nordic countries, Poland and Baltic states. The organization focuses on preventing heteronormativity in higher education and on improving the situation for LGBTQ people in the member countries.


For more information, contact:

Ann Kristin Fagerlund – vice president of ANSO: +4792065379,





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27 11 2009

ANSO got a lot of media attention for this event!

Check out ANSO on Facebook for more pictures.

The free Lithuanian newspaper 15min: photos and article.

The video and the article in the most popular Lithuanian newspaper “Lietuvos rytas” website.

The most popular journal “Panelė” for teenagers pay attention for Member of Seimas R. Žilinskas who kissed Lithuanian LGBTQ activist during our action.

30 11 2009
Ann Kristin Fagerlund

The kiss-in got attention in Norway too:

18 03 2010
Sun Iarossi

This is a awesome post, im glad I ran across it. Ill be back again later on to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

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