ANSO Workout: Building Organizational Muscles

29 10 2009

ANSO would like to invite you to a seminar called ANSO Workout: Building Organizational Muscles with the aim of equipping students activists for capacity building and organizational strengthening. It will be held in Vilnius, November 24-29, 2009.

The main aim of the seminar is to strengthen LGBTQ student organizations by sharing best practices on how to run an LGBTQ student organization. It will gather experienced activists from the member organizations of ANSO who will together accumulate the knowledge existing on local level within different areas of our work. By strengthening the work of LGBTQ student groups we are fighting homophobia and heteronormativity in higher education as well as contributing to the social inclusion of LGBTQ students.

The objective is to share and accumulate knowledge and experience regarding:
* How to cooperate with local student unions
* How to lobby institutions of higher education
* How to create networks with other organizations
* How to create a safer space for LGBTQ students
* Community building within the organization
* How to recruit and motivate new members
* How to manage conflict situations within the organization
* Planning activities within the organization
* Communication within the organization
* Sharing the knowledge and making the organization sustainable
* Project management
* Fundraising and financial management

Target group: ANSO member organizations:
We encourage the board members from the member organizations of ANSO to participate in the seminar as it focuses on the capacity building and is strictly connected to managing the organization.
Participants should be able to work and communicate in English and be able to participate in the whole event.

Deadline for applications: November 1, 2009
You can find an application form here:




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