PRESS RELEASE: ANSO’s Annual General Meeting: Nordic and Pol-Balt LGBTQ students ready for new challenges

1 10 2009

ANSO’s Annual General Meeting: Nordic and Pol-Balt LGBTQ students ready for new challenges


1 October 2009
On Tuesday, 1st of September, a new board of ANSO (Association of Nordic and Pol-Balt LGBTQ Student Organizations) was elected during the organization’s Annual General Meeting in Stockholm. Both, the president, Monika Grzywnowicz, and the vice president, Ann Kristin Fagerlund, were re-elected for their posts.
“I am proud to still be a part of such an important and dynamic organization as ANSO,” states Grzywnowicz. “The last year was full of challenges and successes and I am truly looking forward to start working with the new board and see what 2009/2010 has to offer us”
The new board consists of 12 young activists from all over the Nordic and Pol-Balt (Poland and the Baltic States) regions. The board members are diverse in experiences, competences and visions, which will enable the organization to grow and develop even further.
The Annual General Meeting also decided to change the name of the organization to ANSO, Association of Nordic and Pol-Balt LGBTQ Student Organizations (previously Association of Nordic LGBTQ Student Organizations), making it more inclusive and reality-based.
“The name change is a good start in building a stronger connection with our member organizations and make all of them more visible”, Grzywnowicz explains, and adds: “We will continue fighting heteronormativity in higher education and working on transgender issues, eventually making our universities anti-discriminatory and safe places for all students.”
The members of the new board are as follows:
Monika Grzywnowicz, Poland
Vice president
Ann Kristin Fagerlund, Norway
Patrycja Kulka, Poland
Arnt V. Arntsen, Norway
Board members
Malou Zilliacus, Sweden
Alice Guéna, Sweden
Anthony Holm, Denmark
Vilmantas Juknelis, Lithuania
Madle Saluveer, Estonia
Laurynas Pliuskys, Lithuania
Guðmundur Smári Veigarsson Iceland
Helga Kristjana Bjarnadóttir, Iceland

ANSO is the Association of Nordic and Pol-Balt Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Student Organizations. It is working in the interest of LGBTQ students all over the Nordic and Baltic region and Poland. ANSO fights discrimination based on homophobia and transphobia in Nordic universities and aims to increase the quality of higher education by fighting heteronormativity. It supports local student organizations so they can both be safe places for LGBTQ students and be an important part of its local university community.

For more information please contact:
President: Monika Grzywnowicz
Mobile: +46 768956168

Vice president: Ann Kristin Fagerlund
Mobile: +46 700541170




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