Lithuanian parliament passes the homophobic law…

14 07 2009

Dear friends,

Today  the President’s veto has been rejected and the law has been adopted. Homo/bisexuality will be an official detrimental effect for minors in Lithuania starting from March 2010. Our parliamentarians: 87 morons, 25 undecided and only 6 sane (out of 141). This law was adopted only for LGBT issues despite the fact that negative is considered public information relating to the physical or mental violence imaging: the detail is shown for human and (or) animal mutilation, torture or killing, when you deliberate property damage or destruction.Before such information is classified erotic, causing fear and horror of information. The Act provides that the adverse impact of the information will be treated as information to promote gamble, calling, offering to participate in gambling, lotteries and other games, which formed the impression of easy winnings.

Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) made the decision which will have the huge impact on Lithuanians life. We look forward to your support of the LGBTQ community in Lithuania. Every small action is very important for us.

Tonight we asking you to put the candles in front of Lithuania embassy or consulate in your country/city tomorrow in the evening (the exact time it’s not important) (the list of Lithuania embassies is , to make a photo and send us until Thursday. We will prepare the press release and will add your photos.

Thank you in advance!

Best wishes,

Vilmantas Juknelis,
project coordinator




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