Reach out and Touch me

28 05 2013

ANSO would like to invite you to an annual conference called Reach Out And Touch Me – Queer Politics, with the aim of creating knowledge and tools to develop skills in queer political activism, social inclusion and visibility of LGBTQ student issues.It will be held in Helsinki from 5th to 10th August 2013. This conference is organized together with and hosted by Opiskelijavinokkaat (Ovi) and Queer Aalto, the queer student organizations of the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

Down below you read more about Reach out and Touch me

Call for Participants ‘Queer Politics’



It gets better

17 05 2013

Back in late 2011 at the ANSO´s Loud and visible conference we did a ” It gets better video” and to celebrate the day of On IDAHOT* we would like to share with you a video that sees the light of day for the first time in years…and remember, it DOES get better!



ANSO´s Hate speech toolkit

27 03 2013

The weekend of 11th-13th of january 2013 the board members of ANSO met up in Warsaw, Poland, the agenda of the meeting was to make and build a Toolkit on combating LGBTQ directed hate speech on-line.

The board members of ANSO came from the nordic and pol-baltic region, Pat Kulka, Agata Chaber ,Vyacheslav Melnyk from Poland, Gudmundur Larus Gudmundsson from Iceland, Seela Salakka from Finland ,Thomas Riis Jensen from Danmark, Annika Laas from Estonia, Ing Stanke from Lithuania and Irina Dimitriade from Romania.

In the society today social media is a powerfull weapon to use for your advangede and to gain knowlegde, but sadly social media can also be misused for negative impact and there in comes LGBTQ on-line hate speech.

We at ANSO wanted to do something powerfull and make an impact on tearing down hate speech on-line, so we came up with the idea of making a toolkit on combating LGBTQ directed against hate speech on-line. The board feels  that people can use our toolkit to gain knowledge on LGBTQ hate speech and also learn how to make an inpact on stoping on-line hate speech. The board members of ANSO  are satisfied with the outcome and we hope that activists can use our toolkit to their advantage to stop on-line hate speech against LGBTQ prejudice.

The meeting was funded  by Counci of europe.

Here is the link to the toolkit

ANSO´s Hate speech toolkit


For more information please contact:
ANSO (email:

Happy holidays

23 12 2012

We would like to wish you all a very happy holiday and a faboulous new year

Greetings  ANSO

Happy holidays


19 12 2012

ANSO proudly presents the second and the latest issue of ANSOLAND: Check out what’s been up on 2012 and what’s the future brings!


Call for Participants: “TransForming Universities: Inclusion in Higher Education”

22 11 2012

ANSO would like to invite you to a study session called “TransForming Universities: Inclusion in Higher Education”, which will be held in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, 28th January – 3rd February 2013.

You can find an online applcation form here:

With this study session we aim at providing you with knowledge and tools for working with gender, gender identity and gender expression in

higher education to fight discrimination at universities.
You can find more details on the event below.Please, submit your application not later than at 23:59 on 10th December 2013. Participants will be selected during the following week and notified by 19th of December.
For more information check out the event on facebook
We are looking forward to seeing you in Strasbourg, hoping that you will join us to make a change together!
Greetings ANSO

ANSO Annual General Meeting 2012 Press Release

18 08 2012

MEDIA RELEASE, August 17th 2012

For immediate release

On August 13th, 2012, ANSO (Association of Nordic and Pol – Balt LGBTQ Student
Organizations) had its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

ANSO AGM 2012 took place on August 13th 2012 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The meeting
was attended by delegates and observers from member organizations including: Ovi,
Homoglobiini and Queer Aalto (Finland), LGL – Lithuanian Gay Youth (Lithuania),
Q (Iceland), BLUS (Denmark), SFQ – Sveriges Förenade HBTQ-studenter (Sweden),
Skeive Studenter (Norway), Trans-Fuzja and KPH – Campaign Against Homophobia
(Poland) and Estonian LGBT Association (Estonia).

The Agenda of the AGM consisted of approving the 2011 Activity Report, the 2011
Fiscal Report and electing a new board for the organization.

The elections resulted in the formation of a new board. The Presidium now consists of
Pat Kulka (president), Gudmundur Larus Gudmundsson (vice-president), Agata Chaber
(treasurer), and Vyacheslav Melnyk (secretary). The Nordic region is represented by
Seela Salakka (Homoglobiini) and Thomas Riis Jensen (BLUS), the Pol-Balt region is
represented by Annika Laas (Estonian LGBT Association) and Ing Stanke (LGL), and the
independent board member is Irina Dimitriade.

“We see ANSO as one big queer family, that’s why during this mandate we’d like to
focus even more on strengthening the bonds with our 13 Member Organizations (i.a. via
developing volunteering system within ANSO structures) and on reaching out to all the
other LGBTQ youth organizations from the entire Nordic and Pol-Balt region. I have no
doubt that it will be another amazing and successful year for our organization!” said Pat
Kulka, the re-elected ANSO president.

ANSO AGM 2012 took place right after “The Queer Angle: A Look at the Queer
Society” conference, where 30 participants from 11 countries gathered to work on
projects regarding queer issues in higher education. The conference was funded by the
Youth in Action Program of the European Union.

For more information please contact:
Pat Kulka (email: